English Dishes



Children's Dishes


Fresh Vegetable Side Dishes

Aloo Gobi

Potato and cauliflower with herbs and spices.


Bombay Aloo

Potato with herbs, spices & tomato.


Cauliflower Bhaji

Cauliflower in spices, tomato & herbs.


Mushroom Bhaji

Mushroom in spices, tomato & herbs.


Sag Bhaji

Spinach in spices, tomato & herbs.


Mixed Vegetable Bhaji

Mixed vegetables in spices, tomato & herbs.


Chana Bhaji

Chic peas in spices, tomato & herbs.


Bindi Bhaji

Okra in spices, tomato & herbs.


Tarka Dhall

Lentil garnished with garlic.


Matar Paneer

Chick peas cooked in cheese, herbs & spices.


Sag Paneer

Spinach with cheese & herbs.



Boiled Rice


Vegetable Rice


Keema Pilau


Pickle & Chutney


Basmati Rice


Special Fried Rice


Mushroom Pilau




Indian Crisp.


Spiced Papadum

Spiced Indian Crisp.


Keema Naan

Minced meat stuffed bread.


Parchain Naan

Coconut & sultanas stuffed bread.


Garlic Naan

Spiced chicken deep fried in batter, with a medium sauce, coriander and herbs.


Plain Naan

Leavened bread.


Keema Paratha

Minced meat thick crispy bread.


Vegetable Paratha

Vegetable thick crispy bread.



Thick chapatti coated with butter & slightly crispy.



Soft unleavened bread.


Special Bombay Bread

Stuffed with cheese and chilli (spicy).



Deep fried unleavened bread.


Desserts & Ices

Please ask to see our Sweets Trolley.


Any Liquer Coffee


Cream Coffee


Coffee - unlimited refills

For UE nuts and dairy allergies please ask the waiter for advice.